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CompanyRepublic Bank & Trust Company
State/Territory (US Only)Kentucky
Employee MandateYes
Testing OptionYes
Customer MandateNo
Is this mandate required by law?No

New employees must be vaccinated regardless of if they are remote or on-site. The testing requirement for unvaccinated employees has been suspended since the Supreme Court decision to overturn the mandate. Persons employed before the mandate went into effect are currently unaffected. If the testing requirement is resumed for unvaccinated employees, they will be required to burn their PTO to get tested weekly.

Overall the mandate was largely the result of government threats (fines from the federal mandate), but the company has taken no action to defend its employees and continues to treat the unvaccinated differently. The vaccinated can gather unmasked but the unvaccinated are required to wear a mask and keep distance at all times. This does not make scientific sense. All policies seem to point to a punishment/coercing of the unvaccinated.

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