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Medical mandates of any kind, whether done socially or through law, are a violation of your body autonomy rights. We need to do away with this gross mentality of forcing people to get medical treatments, especially as a requirement of employment. Everyone has the right to work.

Jakob Andreasen

Lincoln Nebraska

Just got this vaccine because it is not an immunization. There is no evidence it prevents the spread of corona virus.



These tyrannical mandates erode liberties and extort the working people who just want to provide for their families.



My body, my choice should apply to more than just killing children.


Denver Colorado

Stop the mandates.

Thomas Smith

GETTYSBURG Pennsylvania

Vaccine mandated are unconstitutional

Ian Lupo

New Jersey

I need more data on how the vaccine affects people long term. I am healthy no underlying conditions.

Julian Kapez

Middleburg Virginia

I believe in personal medical decisions

Chris Grose

Hermitage Tennessee

It’s a slippery slope to absolute despotism. The buck has to stop somewhere. Let’s vote with our dollars and shut this down.

Kelly Meneses

Carlstadt New Jersey

This mandate is UNCONSTITUTIONAL workers will be fired and will not be able to support their families!!!



We need someone who has the guts to stand up for freedom!!!



Let’s call mandatory vaccines for employees in order to keep their jobs for what it really is: extortion

Daniel Hodges

Chicago Illinois

Vaccine mandates violate Constitutional rights and should be stopped.

Lisa Coppola

Caldwell New Jersey

Ridiculous that we have no control over our own bodies

Favio Claure

Silver Spring Maryland

Please let us make a living, vaccines are not work. AMERICA is suppose to be the land of the free.

Aaron Drobek

Lawrenceville Georgia

I am adamantly opposed to any medical mandates between employer and employee, government and citizen.

J Vared

Yukon Oklahoma

At&t is also requiring vaccines by 2/1/22 or susp for 60 day and if you still don't comply fired .

Sara Mckenna

Cohutta Georgia

My body my choice.

Matt Cockerham

Thomasville North Carolina

No mandates.



These mandates are unconstitutional and wrong! Companies should not be involved in their employees health decisions!



I support this petition.